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Fitness as a Lifestyle

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Many people today take up fitness for 4 weeks to 8 weeks on average. They always stop when they hit that plateau. What many fail to do is when they hit that plateau is evaluate everything they doing to to help themselves hit that goal. The biggest culprit driving their lack of results is their nutrition. Nutrition is everything when it comes to hitting goals. You can’t workout seven days a week and expect a change if you are eating 4000 crappy calories a day or starving yourself on a 1000 calories a day.

Your body needs food! But it needs quality food. Food that is going to be stored as fat or burned up and in matter of minutes and make you feel sluggish. Your body needs protein aka chicken, fish, red meat, turkey etc.. Your body also needs an abundance of vegetables and fruits. Your body does need fat but just in moderation.

My biggest advice you can do is add one healthy habit to lifestyle each week and overtime start replacing say your candy bar with a piece of fruit when you craving something sweet or glass of whine with a glass of water. After you do this for a period of time you will have established the biggest thing that will help create long term results which is a healthy lifestyle.

The second biggest thing you can do is be more active. Whether is joining a gym or start walking more at least you are take a positive step forward in your activity level. The biggest thing you will get from activity is making your brain happy via some lovely brain chemicals that produced via exercise/activity. If you do decide to join a gym, get a trainer. I know I’m biased but why get stuck in a rut in a months time when you can have a trainer put you on the right path from the get go. Making it easier for to make the transition to fitness and healthy nutrition as a lifestyle.

The third biggest thing you can do for yourself is get more sleep. Sleep plays a huge role in hormone levels, stress reduction, and muscle recovery. Would you rather be running on a adrenaline all the time and never lose weight because your cortisol so high trying to keep you alive or just practice simple techniques to get yourself to bed early. It can be as simple as working out or doing something active. It is not recommended you do this before bed because will likely be wired from to newly found blood flow coursing through your body. Taking a shower is a great option to put you in a relaxed state I have found. If you are like me, I try to read until my brain can no longer comprehend what I’m reading and I’m forced to sleep. You want to start this early if you happen to be reading a good book.

Overall the biggest keys to success in establishing a healthy style are nutrition, activity, and sleep. Put those all together in the right ratios and you will be golden!

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