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Top Movements for Building a Better Butt

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Top Movements for Building a Better Butt

Top Movements for a Better Butt

1) Compound Lifts

a)Deadlifts- One of the most bang for your buck lifts, not only does it target your butt, it also enhances your overall strength when performed correctly.

b)Squats-  They tend to be thought of as thigh enhancer and many people tend to feel their thighs more than their butt, but when done correctly they really target your butt in multiple facets and improve your overall quality of life.

c)Lunges- Another movement many people use for thigh development but when done emphasizing pushing from the hip over the thigh you will not only see more improvements in your glutes but your balance and athleticism.

d)Olympic lifts- These are great overall for whole body development but not recommended without proper instruction.

2) Isolation Lifts

a) Hip Thrusters- this is one of the most popular lifts out there right now for improving your butt. Unfortunately it gets performed incorrectly a majority of the time. Proper form with this lift can take your butt a long way and this lift has a way of making you feel more confident as well because you can perform the movement at higher weights.

b)Weighted Bridges- this is lift is great because you can isolate your glutes more and avoid excessive extension in your lower back. You can also load this movement with a lot of weight and not have much soreness the next day. The drawback is that you don’t go through a big range of motion but for those who don’t have a hip thruster bench it is a great alternative.

c)Cable Abduction- These target the glute medius, these have a tendency to be done wrong and overloaded. When done right though you will feel a deep burn in the side of the glute and it will help with your side of your side butt development.

d)Frog Pumps-this movement has a lot of bank for your buck with it. It is best when used with high reps. You will get a lot of glute development across the board because you are externally rotating your hip while you perform hip extension. Basically it’s hitting all the glutes but because it’s not ideal to load these heavy it is best do these at the tail of workout

If you would like to experience these lifts and experience a stronger and more toned butt you can check out our booty builders class. https://tullockfitness.com/classes/Circuit-Training

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