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  • Top Movements for Building a Better Butt

    Top Movements for Building a Better Butt

    Top Movements for a Better Butt 1) Compound Lifts a)Deadlifts- One of the most bang for your buck lifts, not only does it target your butt, it also enhances your overall strength when performed correctly. b)Squats- They tend to be thought of as thigh enhancer and many people tend to feel their thighs more than their butt, but when done correctly they really target your butt in multiple facets and improve your overall quality of life. c)Lunges- Another movement many people use for thigh development but when done emphasizing pushing from the hip over the thigh you will not only see more improvements in your glutes but your balance and athleticism. d)Olympic lifts- These are ....

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  • Whether it is above or below the joint it still effects the joint when moving

    Whether it is above or below the joint it still effects the joint when moving

    Muscle Origin and Insertion determine your function.
    The body is full of levers, they allow us to compete at the highest levels and perform big feats of strengths. When one aspect muscle is compromised along the chain above or below that joint we then run into joint issues that we blame the joint for. This is when things such as bone spurs develop, osteo arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis or tendonosis start to occur. This compromised muscle can also lead to major injuries such as grade II or III strains of the muscle as well ligament damage in the case of long term dysfunctional along the chain. Prevention
    One of the fastest ways to prevent one these injuries from happening is to learn ....

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  • Posterior Pelvic Tilt AKA The Flat Butt

    How many of you out there suffer from a flat butt? Well there is a solid chance it is just as much to do with your pelvis position as it does with the lack of muscle there. Most individuals with this condition have a common ailment of tight hamstrings, tight calves and underactive glutes and erectors. How can we attack this problem and fix it? Well it all starts with getting mobile. First, stop sitting with your legs clutching your chair. That just shortens the hamstrings when done repeatedly without a mobility and posture intervention. Also if you are a runner, cyclist, or have a job where you run around like a chicken with your head cut off then you also likely suffer from the same ....

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  • Do We Need Mobility or Stability to Fix an Excessive Back Arch AKA Lordosis?

    Do We Need Mobility or Stability to Fix an Excessive Back Arch AKA Lordosis?

    The last article talked about various postures and how it affects your performance while lifting and your health. In this article we will try to determine if you need stability to help correct your posture or do you mobility or do you need both if you have lordosis. Well if you have the excessive arched lower back aka lordosis then you have both a stability and mobility problem. Your core and glutes lack stability and your hip flexors are super tight/shortened. How do we fix this you ask. This is not a problem that will be fixed overnight. It will take due diligence on working various activation exercises for your butt and core. One of my favorite movements to do activate your glute ....

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  • Posture's Affect on Your Performance and Health

    Posture's Affect on Your Performance and Health

    Everyday we do repetitive actions that affect our bodies both long term and short term. Think about how often you sit with your protruding forward while typing or reading something on your or driving. Think about how often you are hunched. What about how often you cross your legs underneath your chair and have your knees in your chest as you sit. What do you think all this is doing to your body and how it is going affect your performance and your long term health. Let us talk about the ideal posture while sitting. First you want to be long as you can be all while stacking your head over the center of your shoulders. Sit with your chest tall, and your shoulders down and back. Tuck your ....

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  • Fitness as a Lifestyle

    Many people today take up fitness for 4 weeks to 8 weeks on average. They always stop when they hit that plateau. What many fail to do is when they hit that plateau is evaluate everything they doing to to help themselves hit that goal. The biggest culprit driving their lack of results is their nutrition. Nutrition is everything when it comes to hitting goals. You can’t workout seven days a week and expect a change if you are eating 4000 crappy calories a day or starving yourself on a 1000 calories a day. Your body needs food! But it needs quality food. Food that is going to be stored as fat or burned up and in matter of minutes and make you feel sluggish. Your body needs protein ....

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  • July Gladiator of the Month: Michael

    July Gladiator of the Month: Michael

    Michael has shown dedication to his goal of living a healthy lifestyle, I have seen him make conscious changes to improve the way he feels and looks. I am most proud of the time he puts into training. He has a very busy life and he makes sure he sets aside time to exercise at least four times a week. I know waking up early for him is big change, but he embraces it and gets after it. Every week I see great improvement in him, whether it is his diet or his feats he accomplishes in the gym. That’s why I am proud to pick him as the July Gladiator of the Month!
    How did you feel before you started training?
    Before I started training I felt a lot less energetic. I think the longer I went ....

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  • June Gladiator of the Month: Caroline Hinrichs

    June Gladiator of the Month: Caroline Hinrichs

    While I only see her once a week, she gets after it all week long on her own. She has made great strides in changing her lifestyle, increasing her self confidence, improving her conditioning, and getting stronger the weight room. She always has a positive attitude and is ready to get to work when she comes in for a training session. That is why I am proud to honor her as the Gladiator of the Month for June. Before I started training, I easily got tired before the end of a work day and wasn’t comfortable wearing very fitted clothes. I knew I wasn’t eating the healthiest food, but I kept giving into this bad habit. I also felt uncomfortable talking with clients about how ....

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  • May Gladiator of the Month: Mary Beth McGraw

    May Gladiator of the Month: Mary Beth McGraw

    A little background on Mary Beth, she has been training with me for about three months. She always comes in with a positive attitude and a willingness to get after. She is always asking “what’s next?” pushing herself the whole hour. She only comes to me one time a week so the rest of the week she does what I program for her. Her dedication to her health and fitness while overcoming any physical obstacles that come her way is very admirable and that is why she is May’s Gladiator of the Month.
    How did you feel before you started training?
    Before I started training I felt bloated, and tired. Course, that was right after the holidays. I began in January so i had great ....

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